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Going for gold

Going for gold

Roger and Matthew Smith's magnificent ewe hoggets, scanned 141 %, story later.  Wairere Romneys put a distinctive stamp on their progeny around the world, in New Zealand, Australia, UK, Ireland, France, Germany, Chile. Example: Jim Logan in Scotland has saved £100,000...

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The best superfood?

The best superfood?

Crayfish or lamb? October 2020, docking time at White Rock Station, south Wairarapa coast. Photo by Rob Dick. Meat was the original superfood The media and green lobby groups seem to think that the world can be “saved” by not eating meat. This opinion ignores history....

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Sink or Swim

Sink or Swim

Where is the New Zealand economy headed?Over the past few years food producers in New Zealand have been subjected to a relentless smear campaign by lobby groups, media and the government. The general public has been brainwashed to think that our food production needs...

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Newsletter | August 2020

Newsletter | August 2020

Sink or SwimThe “new normal” has consumed our outlook over the past six months. Now that we are partially off the global economy treadmill of pre Covid, how do we position ourselves for an uncertain future? The answer is the perennial advice: do the basics well, and...

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Newsletter | June 2020

Newsletter | June 2020

A brave new worldWhat a tumultuous six months it has been. From a spring full of promise for record farm gate drought, lock down, and a sharp reduction in prices. Apart from the early birds, it has been a disappointing season for many sheep and beef...

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