Wairere Allrounder


Proven, predictable, profitable

The 3 point selection difference.

  1. Ewe hoggets have to get in lamb to be retained.
  2. No ewes are drenched after pre-lamb for hoggets, except for small numbers in extreme conditions.  
  3. All stock including lambs, are run in large mobs at a high stocking rate.  This high selction pressure under commercial conditions has made the Wairere Romney the number one choice for New Zealand farmers for over 20 years.



Tolerance plus performance

Facial eczema tolerance combined with the renowned Wairere Romney with all of the benefits of hogget performance, lambing percentage, weaning weight, high growth and superior carcase, as well as great mothering ability, and tough constitution. Option of either Romney or Romney/Coopworth cross.  Sires tested at 0.55 sporidesmin now increasing to 0.6

FE Resillient

Wairere Dominator


Meating the Market

The Wairere Dominator has been developed over the past ten years by combining hte best of New Zealand’s terminal breeds to create a composite terminal that is today truly meating the market. Important attributes required by our clients are high survival of lambs at birth, strong constitution, good longivity and feet.

Composite Terminal


Low risk high performance

The Wairere Romney with its great maternal background, combined with the Texel for carcass qualities and extra constitution along with the Finn for superior prolificacy, is backed up by great milk production and growth from the East Friesian to complete the package.

Composite Maternal

Wairere Tufguy


Tufguy for Tough Conditions

The Tufguy is a great combination of the proven Wairere Romney with all of its maternal qualities and the carcass attributes of the Texel.

½ Romney ½ Texel

Wairere Merino SmartSheep


This year Halfbred numbers are over 4,000 at Lake McKay, home of Wairere Merino.  The mixed age ewes were tupped on the hill at 64kg average live weight for two cycles, and 175% scan with less than 1% dry. The two tooths scanned 160% and clipped 4.7kg in 10 months. Jock: “By next year the system here will totally have changed to farming for smarter dollar.”

Contact Andrew Herriott 
+64 27 240 0231

Romney/Merino Halfbred

Seven Great Reasons for buying Wairere Rams

  1. Wairere Rams are proven winners. Wairere rams are like the All Blacks. Proven, predictable, profitable.  Over six hundred farmers use Wairere rams and enjoy the benefits.
  2. Wairere rams bounce back after a hard time. Wairere is a harsh testing ground.  A high stocking rate on second class hill country does the culling, “let the fittest survive.”
  3. Wairere rams add value to your stock.  New Zealand’s best known brand often creates a premium for sale stock: store lambs, ewe lambs, two-tooth ewes, five-year ewes.  If you sell  your farm, or give up a lease, you can be confident that your capital stock will be keenly sought after.
  4. Wairere rams are backed by scale.  Twenty one thousand Wairere ewes produce Romney, Composite and Dominator rams for sale.  Big numbers allow heavy selection pressure.
  5. Wairere rams have been around a long time.  Wairere has been the number one brand by sales over the past twenty five years. The foundation was set in 1929, when Len Daniell started a registered Romney stud.
  6. Wairere rams have sexy sisters. Ewe hoggets must get in lamb to be retained.
  7. Wairere rams reduce your workload.  All ewe hoggets have been mated since 1966, and lambed unshepherded.  We cull heavily on dags, feet, and other basics. Easycare is key to happy sheep farming.

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