Young farmer Rachel Rule from Tokanui is the newly addition to our team at Wairere. She has also been crowned the “Perfect Woman” after winning Speights Perfect Woman annual competition in Wanaka during this year’s labour weekend. On its 13th edition, the competition started out in previous years with 40 contestants and the top 10 competed for the cash prize in the final.

Rachel outperformed her competitors in activities such as flying a helicopter, throwing a knife, changing a car tyre, clay bird shooting and riding a golf cart.  “Competition founder Stew Burt said the competition was about girls’ all-roundness” (read more here). “Participants were reminded the competition was not a beauty pageant and it was all about having fun and raising funds for the charity CanLive” (read more here).

Rachel has a farming background and is a former Telford cadet.

Congratulations, Rachel! We are very happy to have you on our team!

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